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2016-05-25 08:16:25 by IanStudios

hey guys. im just gonna start this off by putting links to some videos i took part in:

1st of all, an episode of sam connell's "east park" which i played as egghead eggleston:, along with a cameo in this episode:

an episode of lolydride45's "jake and creator", which i played as jacob the rabbit: i also appeared in this episode of his series "falltown":

these 2 episodes of "toondrool" that i was in:

this episode of cjstudios' "west park", which i played myself at 0:29, 0:50, and 1:06:

i was mentioned in this video and drawn by "GuyDatEpic" at around 5:41:

an episode of razzadoop's "cartoon carnival" that i was in:

i also appeared in razzadoop's "burgersville" a few times. at around 0:10, you can see me flipping him off in the corner: i also played as myself in episode 2 at 0:48:

and last but definitely not least, a german dub of "BEST OF 2015 REMIX", originally from smosh, dubbed by DragonDub, which he used my "Ultimate Assassins Creed 3 Song" instrumental at around 3:11. you can find the instrumental on my profile. heres the video:


you guys should check out all those videos and people.


also, im actually gonna be making cartoons on here now! im working on a newgrounds-only show called "neighbors"

ok bye


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2016-05-25 08:27:12

Oh cool.